I’ve started using panel-based images to showcase the major scenes in the game, and I’ve divided them up so far into 5 major scenes that appear in Chapters 1 and 2.

Scene 1: Foreboding
Scene 2: Fear
Scene 3: Regret
Scene 4: Anger
Scene 5: Revelation

Example of the first cutscene in the game.

Interesting bit of trivia regarding the game’s name: Enelysion is Greek for ‘lightning-struck’ – symbolic of calamity and disaster in Tarot card reading. If you’ve read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, it would probably make more sense. ^^


More character tropes!

“Serious, intense and loyal,
a legendary lancer with
a strange past – Cillian”

Cillian Allan Reiser

Achilles Heel: His resistance is pretty low, so Magic normally poses a threat to him.
Bishonen: He’s pretty attractive.
Blade on a Stick: Prefers Lances/Spears
Estrogen Brigade Bait: Mann-candy for the ladies.
Fiery Redhead: Averted, he’s pretty calm actually.
Heterosexual Life Partners: With Siglud
Mighty Glacier: High defense, HP and ATK, but slow as hell.
Red Oni, Blue Oni: Blue to Siglud’s Red.
Those Two Guys: With Siglud, again.
The Obi-wan: To Laine, despite their small age difference.
Undying Loyalty: To the SangReal Throne.

“Brash, proud and fearless,
a powerful knight with
a tragic history – Siglud”

Siglud James Thiessaly

Achilles Heel: Same as Cillian.
An Axe to Grind
Blade on a Stick
Heroes prefer Swords – Can use all three weapon types.
Boisterous Bruiser/Genius Bruiser: Played to a T. He’s pretty smart, too.
Estrogen Brigade Bait: Siglud is smexy.
Hot-blooded: In contrast to the calm, serious Cillian.
Heterosexual Life Partners: With Cillian
Mighty Glacier/Lightning Bruiser: Depending on how you distribute those Stat Orbs, he can
be either.
Red Oni, Blue Oni: Red to Cillian’s Blue
Undying Loyalty: To the SangReal Throne.

Character tropes

I just thought I’d add some character tropes here, as well as a short description of the first two playable characters in Enelysion. I’ll add a new post every two days or so for the new characters:

“Tall, elegant and strong,
a teal-haired beauty with
a powerful heritage – Laine”

Tvtropes for Laine: There are quite a few here.

Action Girl
Badass Cape
Badass Normal
Badass Longcoat
BFS ( Big Freakin’ Sword ): Eschaton, her mentor’s final blade and Cruiadin.
Boobs of Steel: And how…
Beserk Button: Never threaten Patrick in front of her. Happens whenever she’s close to the Drakustal Orb as well.
Disappeared Mom/Dad: She was raised by foster parents.
Death of a Thousand Cuts: Her skill, Sure Strike.
Elemental Powers
Dishing up Dirt
An Ice Person
Peek-A-Bangs: Her right eye is permanently obscured.
Heroes/Heroines Prefer Swords – Her preferential Lughaid.
Expy: Lucia from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.
Hot Chick with a Sword: Obvious.
Heroic Lineage: [spoiler]
Lady Of War- Still exudes grace even when cutting people into ribbons.
Hot Amazon – She’s pretty tall and well-built, too.
Multi-coloured eyes – Has one blue eye and one teal eye.
Lightning Bruiser – One of the strongest and fastest characters in the game.
Master Swords(wo)man
Ms. Fanservice: Seems to be pretty popular with the players of Enelysion.
May-December Romance. [spoiler]
Traumatic Haircut – She cut her near waist-length hair after her mentor passed away.
The Stoic – Pretty neutral most of the time ( and serious ).
Scars are Forever: Has one that is permanently obscured by her fringe, a result of a duel with Rikard, her late mentor.
You Gotta Have Blue/Green Hair: Has blue-green hair.

“Frail, kind-eyed and gentle,
a grass-haired priest with
a deep longing – Patrick”

Badass Bookworm
Badass Adorable
Bodyguard Crush: On Laine, despite the fact that he is celibate.
Magikarp Power – Can be a force if trained properly.
Ill Boy
Elemental Powers
Light You Up
Shock and Awe
Playing with Fire
Glass Cannon – Boy, can he dish out damage, but down he goes fast if he gets hit.
Staff Chick ( male version)
Heroic Lineage
Nice Guy- Probably the nicest guy you’ll ever meet.
Break the Cutie
Parental Abandonment: Was abandoned at birth. Taken in by a clergyman later on.
Beware the Nice Ones.
The Woobie – Sometimes you just want to give him a huge hug.
Undying Loyalty – To Laine
Knife Nut – can equip knives, apart from the usual staves
Holy Hand Grenade – His fusion skill, St.Elmo and Aureola
Chaste Hero – He’s a celibate monk.
Unlucky Childhood Friend
You Gotta Have Green Hair
Meaningful Name – Named after the Irish saint of the same name.

Character Art is not mine, they are edits from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.

What’s this?

So, my first post on WordPress, as well as the first post for the Unofficial site of the indie-RPG Enelysion. I go by the name of Luchino-chan over at, a site dedicated to the creation of RPGs made with this hobby engine.

Some of you are probably wondering what this is. For those of you who are already acqainted with RPGMaker VX, please forgive me. Basically, RMVX is an engine that allows you to create classic RPGs in the same vein as the 16-bit ‘Golden Age’ (late 80s to early 90s) of games, where the characters and story were far more important than flashy graphics or advanced systems of today’s RPGs ( Role-Playing Game ).

Some in-game screens.

Enelysion, my project that has been in production since November 2010, hopes to recreate that Golden-Era feeling of RPGs and RPGMaker VX( published by Enterbrain ) has allowed me to do all of this, and more. So yes, as for introductory posts, that’s as far as I’ll go now. 🙂